• DIY Scrabble Wall Hanging – It’s Magnetic!

    Posted on September 6, 2012 by Tawnya in Random Craftiness.

    I got this idea from The Twice Remembered Cottage blog, and decided to put my own twist on it. I absolutely LOVE word games, but don’t always have the time to sit down with the hubs or friends to play. So, this is SUCH a great idea!!! This way the hubs and I can play a constant game, and keep track of our scores as we go along. There is even a dry erase pen nook and a hook for the letter tiles. Hehehe I’m really proud of myself for this one. It is sooo much fun! And it looks great on the wall!

    What you’ll need:

    • 1 rectangular dry erase board, size 15”x20” or larger (I purchased a framed Corx 18”x22” board from Target, for $12.56. The inside measurements [excluding frame] are 15”x19”, so it is perfect) **
    • If your dry erase board isn’t framed, you’ll want a frame to match it
    • Screws, molly grips (if needed), level, and screw driver for hanging.
    • Dry erase pen with a frame clip or a magnet clip (Target, $2.99).
    • 1 original Scrabble set (board, letter tiles, tile racks, and pouch, all around $12-14). The board should measure out to be about 14”x15”.
    • 1 screw hook (Home Depot, about $0.20)
    • Super Glue (WalMart, $3)
    • 100 Extra strong magnets (Michael’s craft store, $12.00)
    • Total cost: about $43-45

    **Note: I only used two tile racks. If you want to use all four tile racks, you will want a board about 30” in length.

    What to do:

    1. Make sure your Scrabble board fits squarely on your dry erase board. If not, you can cut the edges with scissors or an Exacto knife. My board was about ¼ inch too big to fit inside the frame, so I sliced the right side of the board off  with scissors.

    2. Glue the Scrabble board onto the dry erase board where you want it.

    3. If your dry erase board did not come with a frame, now is the time to add one.

    4. Glue one magnet on the back of each letter tile. There should be 100 total. Let them set for 30 minutes to dry thoroughly before you slap ‘em on the board. I know this is hard, but you must resist!

    5. Glue the tile racks to the bottom of your frame. Since there are only two of us in our household, I only glued two racks to the bottom. If you have more players, you will want to make sure you either get a bigger dry erase board to accommodate all your players, or you can opt to glue the additional racks on the actual dry erase board instead of the frame. This might look funny, though, and you will lose the functionality of the dry erase board for score-keeping.

    6. Screw the hook into the very bottom center of your frame to hold your tile pouch.

    7. Hang it on the wall.

    8. Start a game!

    Don’t peek at your partner’s turned tiles!




    If you just want a magnetic Scrabble board with no dry-erase option, you can purchase a plain sheet of metal (at least 15”x15”) at the hardware store and use that instead. Print out a blown-up copy of a Scrabble board (can be found here: http://www.pleacher.com/mp/mgifs/gifs13/scrab2.jpg) and glue it to the metal sheet, and slather a good thick layer of Mod-Podge over the paper so that it becomes a nice shiny protected surface. Then frame it. Now you have a simple framed Scrabble board without all the extras :-)

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  1. Beth says:

    Stupid question. How does the tile stay on the playing board? I know you put magnet on the tiles but what is the magnet on the board.

    • Tawnya says:

      Hi Beth,

      There are no stupid questions! :-)

      I glued the Scrabble board onto a dry erase board, which is made out of metal, so the magnets (as long as you get super-strength magnets, such as neodymium) will stick to the board with no problem :-)

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